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Garth CorriveauNew leadership for Manchester.

Garth Corriveau is a 4th generation Manchester resident and serves as Ward Six Alderman. Garth and his wife, Kate, are parents of a one year old son and are expecting their second child this December. Now, he wants to deliver on Manchester’s promise for every family as Alderman-at-Large.

Leadership means getting results. With a focus on finding common ground, Garth has delivered real results for Manchester by:

  • Leading the charge to ban the sale of dangerous synthetic drugs like “Spice”
  • Overturning cuts to our public safety and rehiring our laid-off fire fighters
  • Fighting to hire and put 20 new police officers on our city streets
  • Proposing new, modern transportation and ride-sharing reforms that would make our city more attractive for tourism and job growth
  • Supporting expansion of passenger rail to Manchester, linking our city to Boston and growing our innovation economy

Why I’m Running

As Alderman At Large, I’ll put aside politics to meet Manchester’s challenges. You can count on me to strengthen our public safety, tackle the drug epidemic and invest in Manchester’s schools to bring opportunity to all of our children.

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